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How to Back-Up Your Website Through cPanel

COMP DOCRestoring your website and backing up the information that’s attached to it is essential, especially if something were to go wrong. In addition to your data, your business, clientele and everything associated with it could be lost in a matter of moments. One of the simplest ways to implement this task is through the help of cPanel.

What Is cPanel?

This simplistic control panel is easy to use and allows website owners and their hosts the ability to control their websites and servers quickly. The backup function from the main interface gives consumers the tools necessary to back up their information properly and efficiently. There are a number of things that can happen such as the hard drive fails, the webhost is no longer in business, buildings can burn down or get struck by a tornado and a host of other electrical issues can lead to the loss of important data.

COMP LOCKUPWhat Does It Do And How?

If you’re looking to back up the entire webhost site or partially secure your database, and the home directory, purchasing a cPanel license can easily perform those duties. In order to cover this process, you have to gain access to the backup control panel and choose the type. After the system allows the backup, you are then able to download the appropriate file locally. They can also be restored through a similar interface. You should also store your website information in several different places in case of a fire or some other disaster. Having more backups allows you to enjoy peace of mind knowing that your information is safe and secure. Testing the backups is another important process and ensures that the system is in working condition.

Many individuals fail to realize the importance of backing up their website until it’s too late. If you run a blog, website or some other important facet where you need the information to be stored correctly, you want to have a backup system in place such as cPanel. A shared account is not a means for an automatic back up and setting up your own procedure on a regular basis is a must for all business owners. Today’s businesses can’t afford to lose their information. Starting over because you lost pertinent documents could mean failure for companies that have worked so hard to get.

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