How To Keep Gamers Protected When Using Their Mobile Device

Smartphones, tablets and other devices have expanded the world of gaming for millions of users of all ages. In turn, these gamers may find themselves at risk from security threats and scammers. Let’s go over how to keep gamers protected when using their mobile devices.

Smart Gaming for Safety

A gamer’s first line of defense is a secure password on the device. Someone who picks up a lost or stolen device might be stymied by a password they can’t figure out. Use an email address separate from your main email address to sign up for offers from game companies. Although these companies do their best to provide a secure gaming experience, even large corporations like Sony have been hacked, according to Wired. Use a gift card to make your purchases instead of linking to your debit card or credit card directly

It’s also wise to install updates for games so they aren’t buggy and don’t expose gamers to security threats. Your device should notify you when an update is available for your games and apps. Gamers with Android devices can install antivirus apps for additional protection. An antivirus app can scan new games for malware and keep bad apps off your device.

For security, it’s best to install games from trusted sources like the Apple App StoreAmazon’s Appstore for Android or Google Play. Don’t install games if you’re unsure about the developer and check reviews to see how other players have fared with the game.

Although it may be tempting to jailbreak a mobile device, there are risks according to reputable technology publications like PC World. For example, hackers may infiltrate your device to plant malware. Since pirated games and other apps may not be curated, a gamer could end up with an outdated version that could have a security flaw.

Keep Your Personal Information Safe

In addition to protecting the mobile devices they play on, gamers should safeguard their personal information.

• Don’t share your real name or location via your gamer tag or chat features.
• Check privacy settings to see if you want to share your information with everyone or friends only.
• Don’t feel obligated to accept friend requests from strangers when using apps like Xbox SmartGlass or the iPhone’s Game Center.
• If someone is harassing you, don’t hesitate to block them.

Don’t share the devices with people you don’t know. It doesn’t take long for some snoops to find private information on mobile devices. Also, clicking unknown links from other gamers could expose you to phishing schemes or malware.

Safe Playing for Younger Gamers

Younger gamers love mobile devices, too. Parental guidance can stave off problems, so check in with kids and the games they’re playing on a regular basis. Monitor in-app purchases and discuss editing friends lists as needed. A tablet like the Kindle Fire HD has a setting for parental controls. Parents can establish boundaries for app purchases and web browsing for younger gamers.

The popularity of smartphones, tablets and other devices means that more people than ever are gaming. Happily, gamers don’t have to remain vulnerable to threats like scammers and bullies. Taking a few quick measures means gamers can stay protected when using their mobile devices.

About our Guest Author:
Sarah Hendricks is a security expert on protecting users and businesses from hackers and data leakage with NQ Mobile anti virus mobile app. Users in the office, at home, or working remotely are all subject to attack. Sarah has teamed up with to keep mobile devices protected nation wide!

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