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How To Make Money With Google Search Engine


As a lay man search engine is only a tool to find information on the Internet however if you try to look behind the wall there is a multi billion dollar industry that is running underneath. If you know people are investing money and time to know more and more about these search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL etc. There entire business depends upon the searches that people are doing on the daily basis.

To cut it short I want to say even you can make a hell lot of money with Google search engine. Only you need to do is some basic research and elementary understanding how a search engine works. It is very easy to get started because there is nothing that is over the top. In simple words it is home based jobs without investment.

A Search Engine

Firstly let me explain how a search engine works. Well! It pulls out information from the billions or trillions of pages that are present on the World Wide Web. It has got a special tool called Search Bot that crawls all the pages on the web and present you with the most relevant results that matches your keyword. Here we will be using Google search engine as it has 80% of the market share. Moreover, if you type a keyword and press enter you will get two columns one on your left hand side and other is on right hand side. The left hand side search is called organic search that we are here interested in and right side will show ads that relates to your search term. So we will be dealing with organic search here.

Choosing keywords

Next is to choose right keywords. In fact to make money with Google search engine keywords are nuggets. In order to choose right keywords use a tool from Google called Adwords keywords tool. You can type in search terms there and find out international and local searches. Here I must tell there are two types of keywords one are short tail keywords and other is long tail keywords. Short tail keywords have more searches compared to long tail keywords. Usually Adwords keywords tool does not give you correct or accurate results so you can use other keywords tools present on the Internet.

Suppose you chose a keyword with 15, 000, 00 monthly searches then enter that keyword in Google search engine and press enter. See below the search engine bar what is the search figure. It will be some thing like this – About 675,000,000 results (0.25 seconds). Now divide the search results with keyword search per month. Here it would be 675,000,000/15, 000, 00. The result will tell you the level of competition. Therefore choose a keyword that gives you a least value. If you are just starting then I recommend you to go for long tail keywords because competition is less. Jot down 4 to 5 such keywords on a topic that you like most.

Articles on Keywords

Now you have to write some articles on keywords that you just chose. Hence chose the keywords on which you can write some 40 to 50 articles (for one keyword). While creating articles keep in mind that your articles will be pulled by Google search engine to rank in the organic search on left hand side. You have to create articles so that it would always rank high in the search engine. In order to do this your each article must be of 500 words and for each 100 words repeat the keyword on which you are writing the article. So the keyword must appear 5 times in the article. Remember always try to create unique article.

Showing Ads

Now it is time to make money. After creating articles you have to publish those articles on the internet. As I said earlier that it is home based jobs without investment so publish articles for free. You can sign up for Blogger or any other blogging platform that allows showing ads. When people type a particular keyword in the Google search engine and the engine will present them with your blog that will be showing ads. You will get paid on the basis that how many people saw those ads. You can get ads from many advertising companies online. Hence your blog must rank high in the Google so more people will visit your blog and see ads.


Finally in the end I would say Search engines are not just for getting information in fact you can call them home based jobs without investment. Just choose the right keywords and write articles that would contain the keywords. Get ads from advertising companies online and place on your articles. Then you have to rank high in the Google search engine to get more traffic to your articles. You get paid on the basis of impression your ads are getting.


Pritam Nagrale is an internet marketer, blogger and a proud father. He writes about SEO Tips and Part Time Jobs in New Delhi.

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