Ikea Time Travel Experiment In The Works

Adam and Sofie

Ikea Time Travel Experiment In The Works

For those of you new to the Ikea Time Travel Experiment, it is a new series for Ikea to showcase some of the different items they have for you to furnish their home. They are able to do so in a funny way, that is show furniture and make you laugh, great job IKEA! One of the couples at IKEA they have gotten to go through hypnosis ended up being tricked into seeing their daughter when young and when older too and told to give her a cake or cancel a trip. It is quite trippy actually! Anyways to really understand the video you will have to see it. There are some characters that keep coming back around and new new actors they infuse throughout the process that makes it quite comical.

All in all, it is cool to see a video shot and filmed inside of an IKEA since I myself am such a big fan of  the store. It is often quite relaxing to go to an IKEA, right towards when it is closing or not-so-busy and imagine that it is your furniture. Here at Global Tech Spot, we try to find the tech side of everything whether it is to review it, praise it, or even go against it with whatever we can find. The cool tech in this series is how well they hide the cameras and truly make you feel like you are part of the audience at IKEA. 

In this particular episode it is interesting to see the story escalate with this couple!

You can watch the latest episode of the Ikea Time Travel Experiment right here below and enjoy the experiment! Let us know what you think in the comments below about this video series and such. If you have a great idea for a follow up video let us know we are always interested in staying engaged with our followers and readers!

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