Red Light CamerasRepublican assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon hired an expert to review more than a dozen intersection traffic cameras in New Jersey, and what he discovered was that at least six of these lights are shortening the time before the lights turn red. This means that up to 30 percent of the tickets issued from red-light cameras are invalid. Basically, in the same amount of time it takes to blink, the light turns red and drivers are ticketed.

O’Scanlon’s research indicated that the yellow lights at eight different intersections were turning red before the three- to four-second time period the state of New Jersey mandates a light should be yellow. This causes drivers to receive tickets when they are technically not violating the law. O’Scanlon has accused the state of a moneymaking racquet.

A spokesperson for the New Jersey DOT said the agency would further review O’Scanlon’s findings before taking any action. Hopefully, once all evidence has been reviewed, the state of New Jersey will make a decision about its red-light cameras based solely on the safety of drivers.