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Intel ISEF Student Makes Prototype For 20 second cell phone charger



Intel ISEF Student Scholar Develops 20 Second Phone Charger

Ever had the problem of waiting hours on end for your cell phone to charge? A student out of Saratoga, California is working on developing the next big thing. After being frustrated by slow charging cell phone charges she cam up with the scientific idea for a way to expressly charge cell phones in just 20-30 seconds. A device like this would have many different potential applications beyond just cell phones such as in Cars and laptops so that they can be charged rapidly. This would make a huge difference across the world in places such as Africa where constant power for long periods of time is not only hard to come by, but can be expensive and cost prohibitive for many.

The device she is working is called a “supercapacitor”.

“I developed a new supercapacitor, which is basically an energy storage device which can hold a lot of energy in a small amount of volume” is what she explained to KPIX 5 during an interview. This would greatly speed up how fast that we can charge batteries and increase the productivity of our workforce around the world. Whether in emergency situations or daily practical use this is something very valuable to everybody that I myself am very excited to see.

 We have attached the video so that you can see what this superstar looks like and be on the watchout if you’re in Silicon Valley! It is amazing to see some of the developments out of the Intel ISEF program which keep blowing us away week by week as the developments come out. Luckily our co-founder Rick Jeffries, from Global Good Networks, also had the chance of meeting her during our trip to Intel’s ISEF program in Arizona this year. He remembers being blown away as well with the ideas and prototypes being generated from such a young scholarly audience!

Let us know your thoughts about a device such as this in the comments below along with what other types of devices around the world you think would benefit off of something like this. Hopefully the major players such as Apple and Microsoft start integrating chargers like this into their lineup.


Check out the full interview on


Signed, Josh Bois  Co-Founder Global Good Networks

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