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High School Students Changing The World

Recently both the Global Good Co-Founders ( myself Josh Bois and Richard Jeffries ) attended the Intel STS event in Washington, DC. It was actually this past Sunday at the National Geographic Society building and featured 40 of the brightest hand-picked high school scholars in the USA. Intel went through a process of elimination from thousands of applicants to ultimately choose these 40 students who had various science and technology projects ranging from curing cancer with digital cloud based neural networks to creating alternative energy from algae among others.

Perhaps most impressive was the fact that these students have already been recognized by other experts and press outlets at such a young age. Many of the students were just 17 or 18 with some of them being only 16 and were now being featured by the Washington Post and other outlets. One girl has just been covered by MSN a few days before the event. Currently we are about to go into a second stage of research about the Intel STS as we are preparing to attend the Gala event tonight where some of the students will be officially honored as winners and be given cash prizes to further the research and progress they have already had.

Brands with impactful clout like Intel can make an impact around the world in a big way fast. As stewards of next-gen technology and nanometer scale processors they have the tech knowhow to work with great scientists on tech of the future.

Fortune 500 brands driving real innovation

Intel is helping many of the students take their research to the next level with mentorship and guidance to commercialize some of their findings through the process of creating provisional patents, copyrighting their research and more.


PHOTO SOURCE: – Intel Science Talent Search

Read more about Intel STS on the official page at:

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