iPad Case Roundup and Technology Device Protection Perspective

Check out an article on Macworld which is a roundup of some of the top iPad cases out there. You may wonder why even get a case for your iPad or similar tablet device and we are going to tell you… because it is an absolute necessity! Countless technology products end up going to the dump or having to be recycled to secondary used markets because of screen cracks or messed up devices just because of a random accident. This is something we do not want to happen to our Global Gooders out there.

We have had broken screens on iPhone devices before and know how sad it is to see one of your favorite technology accessories become nearly worthless or un – usable due to simply dropping it or something else just as easy to happen. One time I had an iPhone in my pocket and while shopping I bumped into the corner of a table and it was enough to break the screen on my smartphone and a similar mishap happened just from my iphone dropping out of my pocket and the screen becoming ruined after a good night… worst ending! So we know the pains of broken devices and want to see all of you out there protect your devices. They are expensive anyways… so you should do your job to make sure it stays safe. Other factors you may want to consider are… lets say you do break it accidentally then you have to bring it somewhere for them to recover your data or transfer it and you never know where that data will end up and your privacy has been taken! So remember to take your devices protection seriously.


There are many items on your check list you should be considering such as:

Hard or soft case. Some differences such as the material the cases are made with can effect the break rate of the device when dropped from certain heights.

You may want to look at whether the case has any water proofing or not.. most likely not fully submerged water proofing but what about just drops of water on the casing… will it stop it being absorbed into a sensitive area such as a microphone or earphone slot.. perhaps the charging bay… some devices have protectors over these slots that can be removed and put back when the device is not being used.


Other factors such as the size of the protection and how well that works with your travel gear can be necessary and important.


Whether the case is “sticky” a bit and stays on slick surfaces well versus if it is plastic and needs to slide well on surfaces can all make a difference in your daily practical use of the case. Anyways check out the link below for the full low down on some of the iPad cases and their final position on them!


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