Buyers beware. When 15 year old Courtney Akers asked for an iPad for her birthday she never thought she would rip open the box and find it stuffed with little yellow note pads. Courtney’s mom Bobbie Linden had purchased what she thought was an iPad at her local Sealy, Texas Walmart and when they first opened the box they thought it had to be a joke. A half hour after leaving the store, Courtney and her mom rushed back to Walmart to try and explain what had happened but after two hours of talking with store management the two were denied a refund or exchange. Courtney isn’t the only one to fall victim to this type of scam. Around the country clever con artists are purchasing iPads, replacing them with clay or other similarly weighted objects and returning them to stores in what appears to be an unopened box. Luckily for Courtney with a little help from her local news station KHOU 11 News, Walmart eventually launched an investigation and after tracking the package agreed to give Courtney a new iPad.