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iPhone 5 Antennagate – The Myth and Conspiracy Debunked

The Antennagate crisis of the iPhone 4, does it haunt iPhone 5?

Many of you out there may be wondering about Apple’s new iPhone 5 and how its’ antenna compares to the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4s.

Back when the iPhone 4 had come out there were many consumer reports which refused to give it a good rating due to the critical flaw that a bad antenna creates. No matter how great the phone that you may have is; if its main function to call cannot be fully realized then it discounts everything. Other than a few websites and people asking questions on forums it seems to be that this problem is gone from the iPhone 5.  After due diligence and the hunt on Google for evidence of a problem plaguing new owners it does not look like many people have reported it yet. A case never the less, protects your phone and protects from scratches and dirt/dust getting in your precious technology device, we highly recommend it!



We still think Apple Rocks. This is why…

If anything, the iPhone 4 made you have to go get a case to protect the phone and fix that problem.  Although you can use your phone without a case or a bumper ( or  just wanted to tape the corner of your phone to fix the problem while hurting the overall exterior aesthetics) you run the risk of accidental damage. At least in my world, I use my phone allll of the time to conduct business and connect with my friends and family; so my iPhone goes through a lot! Because I have an Apple iPhone 4 when it had just came out, I was eligible for Apple’s free case program for everybody effected by the ‘antennagate’ problem. So with my great PixelSkin SPECK case my phone service lived on until now the time of the beautiful iPhone 5.


The conspiracies online are pointing towards the iPhone 5 having similar issues as the 4 however many are having no such problems. It has been widely understood for sometime that all cell phones have some form of Deathgrip


 Our Ultimatum / Conclusion for you

 All phones have the death grip problem…  If enough of your bare skin is touching the phone over the antenna especially, then you will lose service. Lesson 2, Protection for your phone and investment is key! Especially if it is critical you are always able to communicate and grow a business, that that includes Global Tech Spot, a part of our ever expanding Global Good Networks.

Videos on the web:


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