iPhone 5 or iPhone 4s and Apple WWDC 2011 Predictions

An older model iPhone pictured above, what will the iPhone 5 Look like?
An older model iPhone pictured above, what will the iPhone 5 Look like?

Apple is always coming up on the radar of Silicon Valley executives as well as the general consumers of the world. In technology news, an article on Mashable.com at http://mashable.com/2011/06/05/apple-2011-wwdc/ discusses 8 predictions that they think Apple will announce at the WWDC 2011 on Monday. There are also many rumors floating around the internet about the new iPhone release.

Many Apple Fans are anxiously awaiting news and information from Apple about their next iPhone which was due out in summer 2011. When Google Searching for iPhone 5 one site keeps coming up consistently which is that of  iPhone5Release.org which we have been following for a few weeks now. The site seems to be a credible outlet as currently their Alexa.com ranking is quite high showing a Global Ranking of 35,803 and a United States ( U.S. ) ranking of 6,352 as of 8pm PST on June 5, 2011. Furthermore they are ranked all across the world

You can view their ranking athttp://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/iphone5release.org#trafficstats

Anyways, the iPhone 5 website has recently released an article ( http://iphone5release.org/iphone-4s-to-be-announced-next-week/ ) with information hinting that there may be an iPhone 4S similar to how Apple pushed out the 3GS, an upgrade to the iPhone 3G, before fully releasing a new phone model. Furthermore, according to the iphone5release.org website Apple officials have begun asking journalists in the United Kingdom ( U.K. ) to fly out to the WWDC this week as there is apparently several newsworthy items they will be covering and rumors they will be exploding.

Steve Jobs has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to technology innovation and stirring up crowds interests with his latest and greatest apple gadgets. This news above is also quite contradictory as the website also released an article on June 1st, 2011 at http://iphone5release.org/apple-may-release-a-fifth-gen-iphone-in-august/ titled: “Apple May Release a Fifth-Gen iPhone in August” which signals many to wonder whether the phone will be an iPhone 4S or go straight to the 5.  That article alone has already stirred up 110 comments from excited Apple fans.

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