iPhone 5 making major sales moves but is in short stock

The phone that so many have been hyping up for so long, the iPhone 5 is doing very well. Within the first three days alone there were already 5 million items sold. The problem is that so many orders were placed that they are barely able to handle the demand and are having to ship many of these phones out in October as they try to meet the demand.

One can understand the situation that Apple is. Due to them changing many components such as the Screen and hardware size, dock port, sim card, casing, processor, ram and more there are parts that they are not able to easily replace because they are new. With the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s they were likely able to reuse many components seeing as it was pretty much the same with the addition of a bigger battery and processor, with many software changes like Siri.

Many people are very familiar with this new iPhone and are excited to get one. We are very excited too as it increases productivity. With the new larger screen size, a 64 gb hard drive, and a faster processor this is a business person or media specialists dream. A bigger camera on it also makes this a great phone for those that are into filming great shots and videos. Thank you Apple!

More Information about this on Reuters: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/09/24/us-apple-iphone-idUSBRE88N0HL20120924