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iPhone 5 Tips and Tricks plus ideas for executives

Want some iPhone 5 Tips for business management?

These days, the iPhone 5 can do just about everything you need as a business owner or corporate executive. We believe in top productivity here at the Global Good Network and demand as much power from our phones as we can get.


Some tips and tricks to use with your iPhone 5:

-You have access to Siri, utilize that power. Although Siri is not perfect right from the get go and does need a little bit of training you can ask her to call or map you way to a certain location. When you are on the go and need to use your computer or get ready for a conference call this is very helpful. She can send emails and texts just by speaking and dictating your message.

-The Mail function! Because we run so many different web properties here at the Global Good Network we need to manage a lot of different functional areas. From responding to informational or sales requests, advertising, content writers and contributors, existing or new partners we have a lot on the board. The iPhone 5 not only allows us to receive push e-mail for each of our major business emails accounts and respond to them from whichever email account we need to.  Although other phones such as our old iPhone 4 could handle this with the upgraded iOS6 and even before, it was not as responsive and fast as it is on the i5. We really appreciate the ability to order the accounts in our mail view as needed so that important e-mail accounts receive our attention first.

-The bigger screen. Although obviously this improves your user experience you do not realize how much it does until you really begin to use it. You can see more emails per screen, more contacts, and most importantly you have an extra row of icons to have quick access to.

-Improved Maps: the maps can now automatically speak to you with voice directions and update your screen to where you are and where you need to turn. Rather than squint at your screen and trying to figure out where to turn next and switching between visual and lists you can just watch the screen as it shows you where to go.

So make sure to remember to protect your phone with a case to protect your business continuity needs and your technology investment; we recommend Speck.


Apple’s official guide: http://www.apple.com/iphone/iphone-5/tips/

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