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iPhone and Android Apps That Can Tie in to Your Home Security System

Home security systems can mean the difference between all your possessions staying where they belong, nicely and safely in your own home, or stolen by criminals. Today, home invasions and robberies still remain a scourge as one of the most common crimes in any country and in any society. The best solution to this problem is to simply be prepared, as much as possible. Even app makers are getting in on this concept as now both iPhone and Android apps exist that can tie into your residence’s security system. Here are the iPhone and Android apps that can complement your home security systems. Monitor Your Home and Stay Safe is not a website. Rather, it’s a handy app for your iPhone that permits you to both manage and monitor your home and business from just about anywhere in real time. It provides you with answers in the important areas of video monitoring, interactive security, home automation and even energy management. In essence, it allows you to see what’s happening on your property any time of the day. It puts the power in your hands, since you can even activate or deactivate your entire security panel from your iPhone! In addition, it lets you view live video as well as recorded clips right from your security cameras. Beyond these home-security features, the app also tells you other important details, such as when your children get home from school, when a door is left open, and even when somebody alters your thermostat settings.

XFINITY Home: Home Security Managed From Your Mobile

XFINITY Home is another smartphone app that can tie into your home security system. This app is characterized by anytime and anywhere access straight from your smartphone. You will enjoy remote security monitoring, a snapshot of your security history, and device control. Some examples of what you can control and see right from your handheld device include when your children get home from school, setting your thermostat, and turning the lights on in your home prior to setting foot in the door. People who use this app need to either have XFINITY home control or XFINITY home security service installed in their residence. With this smartphone app, people can use remote video monitoring, the remote activation or deactivation of their security system, and full access to light control, cameras, motion sensors, window sensors, door sensors and even a complete event history.

Presence: Useful Security Cameras

Presence is an app for your iPhone that makes it possible to configure Apple devices as monitors and security cameras. This makes it a brilliant way to tie into your home security system. This app makes it easy and efficient for people to watch their residences when they’re not physically there. As such, this app is perfect in the event that somebody dares to attempt to break into your residence. Presence allows anyone to configure it to be able to record a simple, 5-second clip as soon as motion is detected anywhere in a room. An email alert will then be sent straight to the person’s handheld device in real time. A homeowner can even establish many different Apple devices in different places on his property to sense any and all motion. In short, for very little money you get to create a pretty reliable security system at home.

IZON: Know What’s Going On At All Times

IZON is an app that works in conjunction with the company’s Wi-Fi video monitor. It empowers you to both hear and see what’s going on in any room of your home, even if you’re not in the house. In essence, this app can be utilized from anywhere in the world to keep track of any security breaches in your residence. Any time that either motion or noise is sensed, security videos are uploaded. You’ll also receive push notifications to your handheld device even when you are not actively using the app. There are many useful and practical features on IZON that tie into your home security system. These include video and audio streaming that comes in real time, efficient and simple setup, a video management system, quick access to both phone support and email support, simple controls for both motion and noise detection, and free uploads to Stem Cloud.

Ivideon Video Surveillance

This app for your Android smartphone is one that empowers you to get access to all of your surveillance cameras over the Internet. The beauty of this surveillance security app is that it is extremely friendly to users, because they don’t need any sophisticated knowledge in order to set it up or to use it. Users don’t need to understand anything about networking or about hardware sensibilities. This app offers its users very fast access to real-time video feeds as well as sound recording, a video archive and motion detection. In short, it provides its users with access to all of the biggest features one would expect from a pricey and professional video surveillance system. You can construct your very own video surveillance system for home security purpose – all in under 10 minutes! You can then see what’s going on at your residence or at the office round the clock and anytime, anywhere.

These are the most prominent iPhone and Android apps that can seamlessly tie into your home security systems. The one thing that all of these highly useful and practical apps have in common is the ability to provide home surveillance features for a fraction of the price of a professional home security system. This is precisely what makes them ideal complements to any security system, whether it’s a security system for the home or the office. You can monitor your property from anywhere in the world, anytime during the day, which is a brilliant way to ensure peace of mind in addition to home security. Securing the home is vital in order to make sure that your property and family stay safe and sound, which is what they deserve. It’s also important because you have every right to a safe home.

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