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LG Curved Widescreen Monitor 34UC97 – WOW

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LG’s Curved Monitor – 34UC97

Okay, so first off before I get into this review I would like to ask the global audience if you are allowed to get married to a technology? More specifically can I get married to LG’s curved wide screen monitor? Like actual ceremony and all, I am serious. Now that I have your attention, and probably a few weird eye balls, let me explain why I want to lock myself in a room with this new monitor, for like ever. LG’s new wide screen is also curved allowing it to fit in several spaces where monitors are usually quite awkwardly positioned, and just work.

If you know anything about me, Josh Bois, you will know that I absolutely love tech and have tried to stay on the bleeding edge of innovation to an extent since I was very young. As a technology geek who works on three monitors every day, I just can’t seem to get enough screen real estate. Yes I move my monitors close to each other and position them a bit so they surround me but it is always a little bit awkward when you try to position them around an L desk!!! So more specifically, what is the LG curved monitor – the 34UC97 – all about?

34 Inches, 21:9, Dual HDMI and Dual USB 3.0, w/Speakers

Get in your face enough with my heading? Had to get the point across to you very fast that this monitor is a BEAST! Yes, a true beast like a shark or a T-Rex. The dual USB 3.0 ports will keep your tech setup moving along fast as you move big media files or backups around through an easy to use port versus having to go to your desktop or laptop which I am sure are crowded already. Built in speakers mean that when you don’t have your speakers hooked up or switch location you don’t sacrifice sound, I just hate when you don’t have your speakers with you and you connect a monitor to a desktop but can’t hear!

Monitor with DSLR and Photoshop Logo LG Wide Curved Monitor Review GlobalTechSpot

Dual HDMI means you don’t have to sling around a bunch of adapters, or at least can minimize it a little bit! This screen is sexy and priced at $1,299 making it out of reach at the moment for many techies. Fear not, we are in a modern age where tech tends to go down in price every few months. Regardless of price drops though, this is a high-end monitor that will likely retain quite a bit of its value for some time so don’t expect to pick this up for $500 anytime soon, unless it is super used on Craigslist or Ebay in a year or two with some dead pixels maybe and broken ports/speaker.

LG Video Editing Screen

Enjoy checking out some of the accompanying photos to really get an idea of how this could integrate into your workspace!

As a budding videographer and video host, along with entrepreneur, I love my big screens and am working 24/7 so this may be an investment that I have to make in the near future. There are some other sweet features that are included on this sweet monitor that you will have to check out! It is available for purchase right now so if you can, swoop on this!

-Josh Bois, Global Entrepreneur

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