Lyric Engineering – An Innovation by Madhan Karky

Engineering the lyrics- Technology taken forward.

How about a software that generates brand new lyrics for your songs? Yes, this is something viable and introduced by an South indian lyricist, research associate, software engineer and film dialogue writer named Madhan Karky. Karky is the son of very popular indian poet and lyricist Vairamuthu. Karky developed a software lyric engineering system that uses an efficient algorithm to engineer brand new lyrics. A tune, a situation and optional visuals are usually inputs to this system and Every input is thus a problem/puzzle that this system attempts to solve. The output of the system is a set of lyrics that match the tune, suit the situation and visuals. This is an Optimization problem.

Problem Definition:

For a given Tune, find suitable words that exactly match the template provided by the tune, such that the following conditions are satisfied :
1. The words form meaningful sentences that suits the situation provided.
2. The phonemes in the words to suit the mood of the tune and situation.
3. Maximize edhugai monai and iyaibu properties of lyrics without compromising conditions 1 & 2.
4. Find words and phrases that are simple, not been used before and semantically related to each other.”

 Karky’s dream is to build a Fully Automated Lyric Generating System

Karky describes this as a structured mathematical model and he has also developed softwares based on Java to support the lyric engineering activities. Karky’s dream is to build a Fully Automated Lyric Generating System and take the technology to the next level. As a global good followers let us wish Madhan Karky for his brilliant work on Lyric Engineering.

Follow Madhan Karky on Twitter: @madhankarky


Check this video about Madhan Karky’s talk on Lyric Engineering  at TEDxYouth 

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