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Malware Attack More Widespread Than First Thought

The mysterious malware known for diverting traffic to malicious Internet sites was found to be more widespread, and it was shown to affect more serversMUTLI WEB beyond Apache. First noticed in late April, it was said to have infected hundreds of internet sites that utilize the Apache server to run, and it caused havoc and mayhem for many companies that thought they were protected.

The affected servers redirected the HTTP requests to the sites with the malicious malware without leaving traces of the activity. Since the software is an open source, the attackers were able to insert their backdoor security codes into Apache, Nginx and Lightpd. How they managed to do this leaves many wondering what they hoped to achieve from it.

It was initially thought that there was something lacking in cPanel, but only a fraction of the other servers were using it. How they were actually able to do this remains a mystery, with the attackers still at the helm of the conflict.

Photo credit:   http://www.flickr.com/photos/seoplanter/7460434374/

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