Today’s most successful marketing strategies

Intelligent marketing firms are always coming up with new strategies to market their products. There have been some very successful campaigns, and not so successful campaigns. Here are some of today’s most successful marketing strategies.
Interactive media

Customers love to feel involved with their favorite companies. Youtube makes interactive media very possible with its in-site editing system.

For example, let’s say a company wants to create an interactive marketing platform for its customers, so it creates five different videos that all relate to each other. They upload these videos to Youtube and use the annotations to link to the other videos. Within the videos, the actor asks questions about the customer or product and prompts the customers to click on a certain area in the video depending on his or her answer. That click will take them to a different video that pertains to that answer. Each video narrows down the customers’ questions and answers them in a fun way.

Marketers can use features like this to provide an in-depth interactive platform for their customers that is both engaging and interesting.

Fan integration

The next time you plan a marketing strategy with your business’ Facebook page, consider including your fans. Ask them to send in their pictures of them using your product in some creative or funny way. Make it even more interesting by giving out prizes to the best submissions. Feature the best pictures in your next video promotion or on your Facebook photo section.

This works best when your page has many fans that are willing to participate. The competitive environment puts a hidden pressure on people to take their best picture, even if the prizes aren’t that great.

Scavenger hunt

Announce the scavenger hunt on your most successful social media page. Some businesses have more fans on Twitter than they do on Facebook. Regardless, choose the best performing page and announce your scavenger hunt to your fans. Give them the list of things they need to find and any other special rules in the game.

Some businesses successfully play a scavenger hunt with customers by placing hidden phrases or words in their blog, website and other social media pages. They may also search the Internet for other interesting items that their customers can find. The first person to list all the required items wins the scavenger hunt.

The reason this is a popular marketing strategy is because it subliminally gets the customer involved with the company, also increasing the chance for word of mouth marketing.

All in all

You can’t go wrong with a little creativity. The main theme for all these successful marketing strategies is their ability to involve the fans.

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