Medical Malpractice – Human Error or Equipment Failure?

medicalMedical errors occur much more often than most people realize. A patient goes in for routine surgery, but suffers major complications. Another endures obstacles during childbirth and what was supposed to be a healthy baby is now a baby with special needs. How many of these medical mistakes are due to human error and how many are a result of technology and equipment failures?

Alarming Statistics

According to recent research, studies indicate that at least 16 percent of all patients admitted to hospitals are victims of some type of medical error. Furthermore, almost 50 percent of these errors can be attributed to problems that occur during surgical procedures. According to Bottar Leone, PLLC, “Errors are frequently associated with nerve damage, organ damage, infection, scarring, loss of range of motion, loss of sensation, paralysis and death.” And, even more surprisingly, 70 percent of these operating room errors are a direct result of equipment malfunction during surgery.

Why Does This Happen?

How is this possible, and why does so much error occur in what is supposed to be a completely sterile and thoroughly prepared medical environment? The truth of the matter is that often, during an emergency situation, surgery is performed without much planning at all. The unexpected nature of emergency situations like car accidents or giving birth before carrying a baby full-term, can and does lead to medical malpractice and technological failures.

These malfunctions in equipment along with human error can result in adverse conditions, or even death to a patient who should have otherwise survived a routine procedure.

Who is Responsible?

If you find yourself or a loved one in the middle of a dispute over a technology failure during a recent hospital visit, or routine outpatient surgery, you may want to contact an experienced legal professional for advice. Depending on the circumstances, the hospital may responsible for negligence if a technology failure on their part resulted in an adverse and unnecessary medical situation for you or your loved one.

If your health mishap was a result of poorly maintained equipment or conditions, or for the failure to administer the correct treatment during surgery, you could be compensated financially for the damages you are forced to endure. An experienced medical malpractice attorney can examine the details of your case, and advise you on the best course of action.

We trust that doctors and medical professionals are trained and competent in their areas of expertise. We have confidence in their abilities to perform surgeries, administer emergency care, and to help restore us to health as best as humanly possible. In most cases, we don’t even stop to consider if the equipment will fail during a routine procedure, or if it is not being maintained properly. Medical staff and institutions should honor this confidence, and do whatever they can to ensure that these types of tragedies do not continue.

Writer Melanie Fleury has had medications administered that cause her to still suffer from side effects 13 years later. Through the website of Bottar Leone, PLLC, she learned that she is not only one of many, but that errors in medical practice can often lead to compensation.

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