Microsoft gives cash to hackers finding inventive explots

HackersEver watched one of those action movies or something similar where you see geeky hackers trying to crack systems to make money? Well if you have you will usually associate their actions with that of the illegal and non productive. However; many companies in the past including the government, have purposely hired these nefarious individuals to help them further secure their intellectual property and technology systems. (Photo Credit:  kryptyk)

Microsoft has launched their “Blue hat prize” academic challenge for creative ideas for computer security. They announced this as the annual Black Hat Hacker conference where the world’s best hackers come together to discuss security trends, vulnerabilities, news, and congregate.

In main stream media there are two types of hackers: white hat and black hat. White hats are known as those who learn to hack for security sake such as to help a company secure its infrastructure where as black hat hackers are known to be those who do it for criminal purposes or with the wrong intentions.


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