Microsoft’s Windows 8 is due out next week and people who are ready to buy the popular operating system may be in for a bit of a shock. Windows which has been widely used for more than a decade is getting a completely different look and will force users to work in a much different fashion. The redesign of the operating system comes as a way for Microsoft to stay relevant in a world now dominated by smartphones and tablets. They are looking to incorporate their desktop, phone and tablet operating system into one cohesive look but it is a move that risks confusing and alienating customers. Some users who have gained access to an early release version of the new operating system have had this to say:

“It was very difficult to get used to,” he said. “I have an 8-year-old and a 10-year-old, and they never got used to it. They were like, ‘We’re just going to use Mom’s computer.'”

“I am very worried that Microsoft may be about to shoot itself in the foot spectacularly,” said. Michael Mace, the CEO of Silicon Valley software startup Cera Technology and a former Apple employee. Windows 8 is so different, he said, that many Windows users who aren’t technophiles will feel lost, he said.

“There are many things that are hidden,” said Raluca Budiu, a user experience specialist with Nielsen Norman Group. “Once users discover them, they have to remember where they are. People will have to work hard and use this system on a regular basis.”