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Mod-3 RADIUS iPhone 5 Case Kickstarter Approved

mod-3-radius-minimalist-case-iphone-5-1San Jose, California based Mod-3 mobile start-up has just had a major success with the launch of their RADIUS minimalist case for the iPhone 5. The case features bars around the back to protect it from breaking during a fall and covers the front so that it is not flush with whatever surface you put your phone on.

Mod-3 had originally put this case on Kickstarter and they reached their funding goal showing that they know what they are doing and have public support for it. The official case is set for a Mach 2013 release but that does not mean you cannot contact them about potentially pre-ordering it. The exact quantities available are not yet known however it is likely that there will be plenty for everybody.

The case is more about style and fashion rather than extreme protection.

If you are in need of a more business friendly case check out these Speck cases we reviewed ( ). Speck cases provide you some extra function and cushion for more serious drops and needs. 

Let us know your thoughts on this case in the comments below about this case and your thoughts about it.

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