MTS Baby Takes The World By Storm

funny baby

Funny Baby Controlling Technology on Fast Network

In case you haven’t seen the latest video from MTS for their 3G PLUS network you are going to have to check it out! This video is super funny and shows a baby being born but all of a sudden the baby pops out by itself and starts to take all of the technology around him from the doctors and nurses and go throughout the hospital! Everybody is staring at the baby in astonishment as it cuts its own umbilical cord and next thing you know it is the master of technology. He grabs a phone, a tablet, and even a laptop. Once he gets to the laptop he starts typing like a computer whiz and all of these windows pop up it is pretty funny. By the end of the video you can see the baby holding onto a balloon as he leaves the hospital signaling that it really is a baby which is quite funny.

At one point in the video the baby starts going on live broadcast with all of his devices! Anyways we know that you will have a good laugh and want to share this video with your friends and family so don’t forget to watch it below so that you can have that laugh! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below after watching this video along with your thoughts on the ad campaign itself!

MTS India has posted this to their Youtube channel and already has 2 million views! Check it out for yourself below!

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