Facebook has remained virtually unrivaled in the social media arena for years but Myspace isn’t going down without a fight. The company unveiled a major overhaul to the network this week in the hopes to lure users back to the beleaguered site. The ten year old company released a promotional video this week to help generate buzz for the over haul showing a new horizontally oriented interface and a serious emphasis on music, always a strong point for the company. The announcement comes a year after a major change up for the company which was sold to Specific media for $35 million. This is just one of many redesigns for the site, last year Specific media tried to lure in advertisers by promoting the site as the “#1 online community music destination” and the “Hulu of music.” Back in 2010, just before the company was sold, then CEO Mike Jones tried to hype the site as a “social entertainment site” but attempts to draw new users failed.