It has long been rumored that Apple’s next press event will reveal the long awaited new iPhone 5. The invitation has finally come in and will be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco, the venue for many previous Apple press events. The invitation came with a cryptic clue in the form of a number “5” hanging off the shadow accompanied by the words “its almost here” underneath. The “Its” in the title almost presently refer to the iPhone 5. the phone will run iOS 6 and will be strapped with a much faster processor and larger display that will help it compete against the widening Android phone market. It is not for sure that the iPhone 5 will be announced, Apple has also been hinting at the iPad mini that may be announced the same day. The company is known for it’s masterful press events in which they release new products and until its officially announced the media and consumers will just have to keep guessing, which is exactly how Apple seems to like it.