Newly minted Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer’s extraordinary words to her new employees

The new 37-year-old CEO of Yahoo released her first statement to her troops, Yahoo has also disclosed the details of her compensation package worth more that $59 million, including an annual salary of $1 million. She will be eligable for a $2 million bonus as well as $12 million in stock options that will vest in the next three years. Meyer wrote in a “prvilieged and confidential memo” obtained by the AllThingsDigital website. “I couldn’t be more excited to be here — thank you for the warm welcome over the past two days!,” Meyer gushes in the memo. “I can’t wait to get to know more about Yahoo’s products, culture, and all of you. I’ve always had a deep respect for Yahoo! — I first experienced it as a student at Stanford in 1994 as “David and Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web” — and I’ve been fan ever since.” “I need to develop a more informed perspective before making strategy or direction changes. In the meantime, please do not stop. You are doing important work. Please don’t stop.”

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