transistors without semiconductors

Nanotechnology bringing smaller devices to the world

With the technology industry always focusing on making devices smaller, breakthroughs such as nanotechnology are increasingly becoming important for us to continue to innovate at the pace we are currently. Seeing as technology devices are in everything we use day to day whether in the residential, commercial, enterprise, or government field it is critical to continue finding ways to make things more space and energy efficient.

A growing middleclass around the world means that we are going to keep having to create more technology devices whether that is the cell phones and computers we all use day to day or even the chips and computer systems in our cars. Even more important are the servers around the world in datacenters that take up a huge amount of energy to make things such as google results pop up instantly.

By finding ways to make transistors smaller and more energy efficient we can continue to find ways for technology to improve our lifestyle and life. Recently a scientists known as Yoke Khin Yap from Michigan Technological University has found just that. By getting electrons to sit on top of nanometals within gold dots that are placed on it, they have been able to get past the need for semiconductors. This may mean the difference between an iPhone half the size or even better. Still scientists and business people around the world will have to find a way to make this process more scalable so it can be included in billions of technology devices every year and save money at the same time. Intel for example has been using nanotechnology for a while but seeing as semiconductors are a huge part of technology this is an interesting find we wanted to share with you!