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Online Sales Tax Fight in House



House is deciding about whether or not to have sales tax online


In recent news, it has been proposed that major online retailers around the United States would need to start changing sales tax on online orders. This comes as a shock after millions of people have started to get accustomed to the low pricing on sites such as Amazon which provide wholesale type costs for end-user consumers.

An interesting stipulation in the law is that this only applies to online stores that make more than $1 Million. Even though at first that seems like it makes it a little more fair, that still means almost all places that you buy things online. Ebay for example would be charging sales tax even on items you are essentially buying from other people. We here at Global Good Networks are very opposed to this online sales tax as it will slow online growth and the ability for smaller players to sell online and increase convenience for people. Especially during a bad economic recession many people have been able to save money using platforms such as Ditto through Amway to save on their purchases around the home and Walmart among others.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and what you think the outcome will end up being.

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