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Online Technology Innovation: Will it Ever Stop?

Society is still trying to catch up with the Internet’s impact on the world. While we may think that whatever could be achieved has already been, the reality is that we’re still taking baby steps across the online world.

The Tech Evolution

There was a time when the Internet was still pretty much a novelty and dial-up was the connection of choice. Users were still getting used to the idea of email and instant messaging, social media was non-existent, and file sharing just started to flood the bandwidth. That was only around 10-15 years ago though and most of the innovators are still pretty much alive. The progress of technology is such that most of the pioneers are still working to this day, and yet the rate of evolution is almost like going from prehistoric times to the Industrial Revolution in a span of a decade or two.

With that said, there will never be a real end to online technology innovation. Social media had turned the Internet into a Garden of Eden in terms of its potential in various fields. All of a sudden, businesses both big and small now have Facebook and Twitter accounts of their own and even kids are growing up with the Internet. The future looks bright for the online community as new technologies are being released every year.

Economic Effect

Online technology has even paved way to social and political change on an international scale. Social media has been used to spread word of actual revolutions and controversies surrounding different issues on foreign relations and government policies in different countries. The impact of the Internet is such that there is no way that humanity won’t keep coming up with ways to improve it. As far as innovations are concerned, it’s actually imperative that they keep going.

Future of Online Technology

But think of what we may see years from now, considering where we came from and where we are now: As both hardware and software come closer to integrating with every aspect of our lives, we can only hope that whatever is made public can be utilized to the fullest extent in order to solve the world’s greatest problems. There’s the speculated end of Moore’s Law predicted by experts as we get closer to running the course of semiconductor technology, but there will always be something newer and better that can replace what will soon become obsolete. In fact, we already had a backup once all IPv4 addresses have run out for several years now, which shows that the innovators have a good amount of foresight in terms of the Internet’s future.  As long as there’s energy and a need to achieve greater heights.

All in all, we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of the endless possibilities in the Internet. As decades more pass on, we will encounter various concepts and ideas that may range from sensible to silly. However, as innovation does border insanity, we can be sure that as long as things stay crazy in the Internet, we will have many more improvements and additions in store.

Paul is an online technology enthusiast who specializes on topics like servers and cPanel VPS. He currently works for ServerPoint – where you can read more about the latest trends and information about web hosting and learn how to avail cheap dedicated servers.


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