Panel PCs: Bringing High-Tech Touch Surfaces To Your Work Environment

The panel PC can be thought of as a subset or even an offshoot of the industrial PC. The industrial PC is meant for industrial applications and is a PC-based, x86-computing platform. In general, the panel PC features a display, normally an LCD screen, which is included into the very same enclosure as both the electronics and the motherboard. Much of the time, it is panel-mounted and even uses touch screens for user interaction. They are sometimes sold in low-cost versions that come with no environmental sealing. Panel PCs are suitable for a variety of contexts. Here is how this type of PC is bringing high-tech touch surfaces to your work environment.

Protection For Severe Environments

A PC of this type can be used in the outdoors, including in harsh environments and severe weather conditions. The design of this type of PC can withstand such conditions that are harsher than one’s normal office environment. A lot of this has to do with its front-bezel screen, regardless of whether or not it features a capacitive and resistive touch screen. The panel PC comes with a front panel that is made to resist harsh elements. These include things such as sleet, snow, rain, dirt, splashing water and even the ingress of windblown dust. Clearly, this is a heavy-duty type of computer.

Touch Screen Possibilities to Complement Your Application

Some of these PCs come with two distinct types of touchscreen technology to make your life easier in your work environment. These are the SAW (surface acoustic wave) touchscreen technology and the resistive touchscreen technology. Between these two approaches, you’re sure to find one that will complement your applications. It’s true that each of these touchscreen technologies has its own strengths and weaknesses. However, this freedom of choice allows workers to determine which touchscreen technology is best suited for their specific interface requirements, which relates to factors such as cost, usability, appearance and even durability.

Conserve Some Power

The beauty of this type of industrial computer is how it allows users to save power, which is also a cost-saving factor. For example, some models come with an LED backlight panel that lessens the production of heat in these computers, thus leading to a conservation of power. As a bonus, saving or conserving power also prolongs the life of the computer. Other models even feature a group of cooling fans working together to cool down the PC. Efficient cooling is produced through the flow of air parallel to the component boards.

This is how these kinds of PCs bring high-tech touch surfaces to your work environment. The term “work environment” is sometimes exclusively understood to mean office space, but that doesn’t have to be the case when working with industrial PCs. In the outdoors, they are designed to withstand inclement weather, providing the user with ingress protection against the elements like rain, wind and dust. Touchscreen technology is provided through either SAW or resistive technology that allows workers to choose the most suitable approach for their personal work environment.

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