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Patented technology for indoor navigation without GPS or Cell towers


Indoor Navigation taken to the next level

They have many products such as:

> iSeePet which helps you find your pet and is built into the collar so that you can find your pet using your Smart Phone display or key fob. An alarm can even go off if your pet ventures outside of a certain predefined zone.

>iSeeKid helps you keep track of your child and alert you if they leave a certain distance from you with an alarm. We see this definitely as a Global Good as it can help reduce accidents that happen with children medically as well as societal problems such as kidnappings. Go iSeeLoc!

>Zooz –  a car locator that can help you find your car within 900 feet indoors or a mile outdoors. This is accomplished by having a small unit in the car and when activated you can be guided by arrows which show you which way to go. Things like this can be critical when emergency situations come up and things such as GPS or cellular signal are unavailable when you are indoors or even outdoors.

>iSeeLoc itself is being used in many ways such as in the military to find personnel and even for firefighters who need to find each other and need a dependable technology. If that is not Global Good then we realllllly don’t know what is!?! Last this is also being in the military and for miners, again protecting lives in one way or another.

Interesting ways this is also being used is to track and locate “industrial equipment in factories, medical instruments in hospitals, or even crates in a warehouse.”


Read more about the potential applications of iSeeLoc at: http://thebestchildlocator.com/applications

A featured article on GlobalGoodGroup discusses iSeeLoc at: http://globalgoodgroup.com/blog/2012/11/08/iseeloc-helping-connect-and-protect-the-world-during-disasters/


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