Peer1 Now Offering EMC Atmos Globally Distributed Cloud Storage as a Service

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EMC, the company known for being “The Worlds Data Storage Company”, has just released information that Peer 1 Hosting, one of the world’s top hosting companies with over 12,000 customers, has just launched an innovative new service using EMC’s technologies.

Peer1 deployed the technology which allows information to be redundantly stored on servers across the world, also known as a “cloud” in popular technology terminology these days, to improve its’ CloudOne service which allows customers with a “highly flexible, cost-efficient and reliable storage-as-a-service-solution for content and data storage, backup and archiving, off-loading or large media objects and virtually any other data requirement”. ( EMC Press Release – Link Below )

Peer1 is positioned well to handle a technology of this scale, complexity, and cost due to it having around 17 data centers strategically located around the world. Little known to the public, Global Good Group started off on a server within a Peer1 data center in Los Angeles, Ca; and although we are not currently with them anymore, we must say they had great customer service and an amazing quality of service – Good job picking your partners EMC!

So what can you do with a service such as this and what are some potential use cases? Well the CEO of XYZMP3.com explained that the service worked well for his site which allows them to store local copies of their files all over the world on servers closer to their users to enable faster downloading and streaming. This is quite similar to a Content Deliver Network, which we recently wrote about on our Akamai article.

Why is EMC the best technology company fit for dealing with some of these huge storage problems? Well… EMC deals with customers ranging from the largest of private and public enterprises across the world to major government organizations helping them store the worlds data. When we say data we are talking about mountains worth of data if you were to try to describe it in amounts of cd’s or dvd’s. The average person is likely used to the term megabyte which is generally used to describe consumer needs of storage such as an MP3 file which would only be a few megabytes. iPhones and computers are now sold in the Gigabytes ( a gigabyte is a thousand megabytes ), and now the general public is getting used to terabytes which are a thousand gigabytes. Well EMC deals with Petabytes which is a thousand terabytes and hundreds of those to boot. So rows and rows of huge servers and mainframes is the language that EMC speaks all too well; making them a great fit for finding ways to optimize, compress, transfer, and redundantly store all of their customers information all over the world.

What is so innovative about this new service then if this technology already exists? Services such as Amazon Web Services ( AWS ) and the term Software as a Service are becoming very popular these days ( AKA the cloud ) because they allow you to generally only “pay for what you need” rather than having to buy excess capacity such as servers or disk space which becomes a major concern in terms of cost, energy waste, physical waste when technology becomes out dated, and other related problems. Services such as this allow customers to work on start up level budgets ( think tens of dollars or hundreds of dollars ) without needing to buy hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment, host it, maintain it, and have their organization support it. This allows businesses to focus on their core competencies and really hone in on what is important, a Global Good factor if you ask me!

Despite this pay as you go service, I do someday hope to be in charge of rows and rows and rows and rows of server racks in data centers across the world using that computing power for Global Good and of course to execute on some organizational needs whether that be globalization and marketing or storing, processing, and transferring all of our Global Good and related companies’ data across the world!

Thanks for reading, lets hear what you have to say Global Gooders… Discuss away!

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