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Preteen Succumbs To Cyberbullying

Diccionari visual de la societat xarxa: 1) CyberbullyingTwelve-year-old Rebecca Ann Sedwick jumped from a tower to her death after cyber-bullies told her to kill herself. The online bullying by a group of 15 students had been going on for the past year. Rebecca did not confide in her mother about the continued harassment.

Despite Tricia Norman’s best efforts to get her daughter Rebecca the professional help she needed by taking her to a counselor and even changing schools, Rebecca was still the victim of bullying through social media. Norman wants to see justice done to the group of kids that ultimately caused her daughter to commit suicide. Officials are determining if they can file cyber-stalking charges against the group of bullies.

With the popularity of social media sites, which are mostly used for good, there have been several instances of cyber-stalking and bullying that have resulted in tragedy over the last few years. Hopefully, concerned citizens will find a way to put an end to this before another innocent person becomes a target of this negative behavior.

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