Internet EcosystemInternet marketing models developed in response to a new media of communication. The old rules of business do not work well in Internet enterprises. The markets move fast; the players are often a large group of independent contractors. The old hierarchy of having a few top bosses and catering to their decisions nearly always fails in these markets. What has arisen is a new model that emphasizes alliances, relationships, and cooperation with the competition being about the products and services given.

Training to Increase Profit Margins

Rather than fighting with independent contractors on the quality needed on content for marketing, more and more companies making their money by writing and advertising are giving free trainings. It becomes a win/win for the contractor and the company. As people are hired they are put through webinars, given samples of excellent writing and advertising, and given information on the latest formats that make money. First of all it puts writers and marketers on the same page with a common language and understanding. It translates into saved time and money. The quicker a service or product is put on the Internet, the more likely more profits are made, and an increased ability appears to snag higher level clientele.

Getting the Big Clients

Many well established older companies are beginning to use the marketing of the Internet full force. What they lack is an intimate understanding of how radically different the advertising and services are. Often one has to give to get on the Internet markets and establish relationships with many Internet marketing companies. Most of these companies specialize in a few niches of the market so as to do it better than anyone else. Or a set of companies form an alliance under an umbrella company with each taking a specialty to watch and trend.

What this does is create high level experts at that type of advertising, writing and marketing. What big clients like is a level of professionalism, proof in the data that the service for their product will get maximum attention, and a certain balance of accommodation, but also a willingness to stand up to them and teach them how it is done. That is just the beginning. Retooling the contractors to write at the level necessary to please a big client, make money, and maintain the reputation of integrity makes internet marketing a highly exciting field. It is a constant dance to keep it all in balance.

Internet Ecosystem

The closest model that comes to how the Internet works in any area is the ecosystem of the natural environment. What Mother Nature works best on is not competition but mutualism. Mutualism is defined in nature as a relationship either directly or by association that results in a benefit to both.

Mutualism also defines social relationships. A collective effort over seen by an entity based on a set of goals, sentiments or mission makes a short term positive group that are mutually giving benefit to all parties involved. It results in benefits at all levels for the individual, the company overseeing, the client, and the Internet. There will always be competition and it is necessary, but it has to be kept in check with mutualism. Otherwise, just like in nature an environment is destroyed or becomes dysfunctional ruining all the relationships made.

The new model has a live and lets live attitude. No secrets, but an intimate sharing of what works in hopes the receiver will barter back on some level or pay forward. It lets everyone find a niche, stay positive, and if for whatever reason it does not work out, the person decides to move forward to something else. The relationships remain and support whatever else is created.

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