info_truecolors_1A protective skin plays quite an important role when used with a phone. Most people would agree that a skin should provide a protective barrier, while offering an appealing design and increasing or maintaining the functionality of your phone. The market is full of cheap inferior products that unfortunately do not reflect the style, taste and quality of the iPhone 4 users, but there is now a solution!

Would you prefer having your expensive phone all wrapped up in plastic and hidden away from the world or would you rather use it when you need to, knowing that it’s a statement of you and your style? There is an alternative to the plastic overload on this market and it is called official 3M vinyl. Vinyl is the revolutionary materialthat is used to provide the protection you need with the style you want. Available in various textures, including carbon fiber, titanium and leather, the vinyl is a quality material that outlasts its competitors by miles.

The carbon fiber skin is available in your choice of jet black or stark white. At first glance, anyone can see that it is made to precisely fit your phone. You do not have to mess around with glue and the highly engineered design ensures that you can easily apply and remove the skin. If leather is more your style, then you will also be happy to know that there is a wide range of beautiful colors in true textured Vinyl. For those that want to add bright, fun colors to your phone; check out the gorgeous red, bright yellow, heart-warming orange and every other color in between. Brushed titanium is another exclusive texture that comes in black and silver and will give your phone a modern, smooth look.

With so many choices to select from, you are sure to find the perfect skin that suits your personal style and taste. Customize your phone and stand out from the crowd with any of these incredible skins. Buy one or buy a few so you can change the skin to match your mood or outfit for the day. There are so many options to choose from, you will never run out of ways to protect and personalize your phone!

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Justin Parklawn blogs about the technology industry and enjoys sharing his expertise and experience with the latest smartphones. When Justin was looking for a way to protect and customize his iPhone 4, he chose a stylish carbon fiber iPhone 4 skin from and highly recommends you do the same!