Republic Wireless your new discount cell carrier

Republic Wireless is an interesting new cellular carrier that tries to save costs by offering a hybrid service model where data and calls go over wifi whenever as much as possible to save costs and be more efficient on data usage over the cell lines. Anyways they have you pay $200 for the first month which gets you an android device and then after that it is only $20 a month for unlimited talk and data without hidden costs and fees. Their website is very slimmed down and to the point without all of the hidden pages and depth of many of the other major carriers such as AT&T or Verizon among others. It is an interesting business model as many carriers charge much more than this and still have similar bundle packages. Many people have given them good reviews and are liking the service quality.


Personally it is very difficult to switch from a major carrier, despite the premium cost, due to the availability of physical stores and support channels to go through should something go wrong with a phone… something absolutely essential in the corporate environment and important when trying to keep the Global Good Network alive and kicking!

It will be interesting to see how this company does over time and if they are able to hit the size and scale necessary to keep them alive with lower margins.. offering unlimited everything for $20/month must be difficult to manage for the executives and founders of the firm. Anyways we are happy to see some low costing alternatives being made available to the general public, definitely a Global Good, as it allows people of all walks of life and income in the US at least, to afford a smart phone and the data and voice service they need to be successful and/or change the world!


It is a very hot topic and is even trending on google right now!

Join Republic Wireless here: http://republicwireless.com/join


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