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Samsung to reveal “vibrant” new brand concept at CES 2013


Samsung is rumored to be introducing “Vibrant” at CES 2013

Samsung is always making big branding and product moves and has now been rumored to be revealing their “Vibrant” brand at CES 2013. After many of the problems with Apple over the iPhone 5 and some other problems that have cropped up outside of Patents Samsung may be looking for a new identity to put as its forward facing public brand. The CEO of brand development consultancy Brandstream is in charge of this major undertaking according to Channel News’ Sources, quite a major task. They are ready to really spice up their International image. This is critical right now as brand loyalty for some of the big players like Apple continues to grow very strong. Not only are Microsoft, Google, and Apple gaining momentum with their software they are forming more partnerships with hardware manufacturers other than just Samsung. Further, Google and Apple for example are coming out with platforms such as Google TV or Apple TV that make Samsung’s TV’s less desirable or able to be pushed out of the market, they have to compete.


So why did Samsung put their faith into Scott Bedbury? He was a big component of the success of Nike and Starbucks as global players due to their branding and “cool” factor among other things.


We are all looking forward to CES 2013, it is always great to see the new brands out there, latest technology and geeky gadgets. Stay tuned for more coverage!


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