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Shell STEM Search For Science, Tech, Engineer, and Math Experts

Shell Oil Capture Two

Shell Is Innovating To Find Sustainable Energy

When you think of a company such as Shell Oil what do you think about? Most likely you first thing about all of the gas pumps and stations around the nation, perhaps around the world if you are a big traveler. At the end of the day though, they are an energy company, not just an oil company. In one of their most recent campaigns, Shell Oil has put out the word to the globe that they are looking for the next generation of smart employees. Not just any random employee but scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians!

Why STEM Is Critical To Our Globe

By focusing on what is important such as the future of our society and globe and it’s need for energy we can find more economical and sustainable ways to source and transfer energy. Oil may be drying up around the world, and whether or not there is a large supply, it is expensive, dirty, and highly political. If energy sources can become more sustainable and local, such as using wave energy, wind energy, solar energy, etc we may stand a chance at preserving the environment around us! Our world has many problems and one of them is our poor ability to reproduce new energy to sustain all of the day to day things that our world has become accustomed to.

Agriculture for example is one of the major uses of energy in our country and around the world as it takes energy to feed and process meat along with transportation, cleaning, and everything else involved. Shell’s search for these STEM style employees is critical and not something that they are alone in. All sorts of startups around the world are attempting to bring together the world’s top people to find solutions to our world’s energy problem, the difference however is that Shell has the fiscal resources to really make a huge impact. With billions of dollars in assets and finances to fund innovation there are many more initiatives that Shell can incubate and work on than the average startup. Even venture backed startups often have to focus on a very specific niche within the energy field such as just solar or just harnessing wave energy. Another interesting new energy form is that of getting energy from burning trash.




Shell What If 2

Help join in the battle for renewable energy innovation in the US and around the Globe! Check out the official Shell campaign as well including the video which we have embedded below for your enjoyment!

Shell STEM


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