If you are like so many people, you think there are way too many pictures of babies on facebook? Now you can fight back. A new service called Unbaby.me is designed to automatically replace all the baby photos on your Facebook feed with pictures of something more palatable — like cats, or manatees, or album covers. The site Unbaby.me was born Wednesday and has already recieved more than 40,000 facebook likes. Seems like a lot of people are sick of seeing babies in their facebook feed. The photo-replacing plug-in is the brainchild of three New Yorkers — Yvonne Cheng, Chris Baker and Pete Marquis — who work together at the advertising agency BBDO. They are, unsurprisingly, in their late 20s and early 30s. “We were having drinks one night after work and were joking around about how Facebook is just lousy with babies, and wouldn’t it be funny if you could replace all those photos with cats,” Cheng said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.