Sony Action Cam 4K Handheld Ultra Wide Technology

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Sony 4K Action Cam – Awesome!

Looking for your next on-the-go camera? Perhaps you should give a good look at the new Action Cam that is out by Sony. As the founder of Global Drone Video I can tell you that this would be an awesome camera to stick on a drone since it allows you to shoot very wide angles and also has 4K capabilities. For those of you who are not as familiar with 4K it is shooting in  4096 x 2160 which is several times better than 1080 the more common format these days, also known as HD. 4K is essentially what a lot of commercials and movies are shot in, essentially very detailed high-definition, or more high-definition if you will.

Sony Action CamWhat this action cam by Sony does is truly open up high quality video production offerings to the average consumer. Given this is not a “Red” camera, the brand that can cost upwards of $50K or more for an entire setup to shoot movies and commercials in, it is a step up from what is currently on the market. Perhaps the best thing about this camera is that it is a hand-held alternative to the widely popular Go Pro cameras that are widely available. Competition is good and always welcomed to keep prices competitive and technology fast being innovated. 

Among the other features of this new camera are splash-proof elements and GPS. The splash proof feature makes this something that can be taken by the pool or ocean much easier or perhaps used on the East Coast where it it known to rain or snow during a big part of the year which can be worrisome to bring other cameras. As a proud owner of a GH4 from Panasonic I can tell you I love 4K! The GH4 actually is “water resistant” but still not meant to be dunked under the water but it can resist a little bit of water and dust. Regardless of this, it is too risky to bring the GH4, which shoots in 4K, anywhere near the water… at least for me. I have also heard of people in the past using nice cameras like RED cameras with “water-proof” housing that broke during usage and wrecked a camera. For this purpose it makes sense to have a few Sony Action Cam’s on hand which supposedly don’t even need the case to handle the water elements!

Check out some of the videos below to see what you can do with one of these Action Cam’s and a little bit of video editing magic!

ARTICLE BY: Josh Bois, Global Video Producer & Video Personality

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