Sony Entertainment has made every gamer’s Christmas that much sweeter by finally releasing information on the software, accessory and memory card prices for the North American release of its new gaming handheld, the PS Vita late Thursday night.

John Koller, Sony Computer Entertainment America hardware marketing director, said Sony will start selling their Vita games at $10 and top out at $50. Sony will have more than a dozen games ready to be sold at launch time, with eight of those coming from studios owned by Sony.

Memory cards, long a point of contention for Vita fence-sitters, will weigh in at slightly less than what GameStop predicted last month. The Texas-based retail chain had posted the following sizes and prices to its website: a 4GB card for $30, an 8GB card for $45, a 16GB card for $70 and a 32GB card for $120. Koller confirmed the actual MSRP, from smallest to largest, is $20, $30, $60 and $100.

The PS Vita launches in the U.S. and Canada on February 22.