The Sony SmartWatch 2 Released at Shanghai’s Mobile Asia Expo

Whether your a bored student, bored employee or just wanna have fun and need a distraction at some point during your day, look no further than the Sony Smart Watch 2. As if smartphones weren’t already enough phone, now you can get technology right around your wrist for that extra fun moment. Perhaps you want to be able to snap a picture really quick and need faster access to your camera or want to watch some movies from the comfort of your own wrist. Whatever the reason is then check this device out.

Over 200 unique apps are dedicated to this new tiny device and it may help spur a new trend for even smaller computing. As smartphones get smaller and smaller and used for practical tasks it only makes sense, I guess, that we now put them on your wrist. This device features a nice wrist bracelet that can help you stunt in style when you are out and about whether that is New York or Geneva.

There are different bands you can get to hold this device and perhaps the most useful functions are the phone, media player, and e-mail on this. There is blue tooth as well so you can sync this with all sorts of stuff. Using this as a fitness device may be perfect for you and your family as well. The app called runtastic is just what you need to track your daily workouts!

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