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Speck iPhone 5 case reviews for the modern executive

The Ultimate Business iPhone 5 Case Roundup

Hello Global Gooders and loyal Global Tech Spot fans, today we bring you a review of the top 3 business ready cases for the iPhone 5 from Speck. Whether you are going through the airport and need fast access to your ID, cards or other information ( SmartFlex Card), or need to watch video and media files ( SmartFlex View ) or need a practical extra slim clean case ( PixelSkin HD ), Speck has a great product for you. Today we bring your our top 3 picks


The three products we are reviewing include: 


> the SmartFlex Card for iPhone 5

> SmartFlexView for iPhone 5

> PixelSkin HD for iPhone 5


These cases are all amazing in their very own ways and today we bring you their benefits after inspection and actual hands on use.


PixelSkin HD

To start, we will begin with the most slim downed and practical case, the PixelSkin HD. After utilizing this on my iPhone 4 I must say that this case exudes class, sophistication, and it is easy to use. It keeps a very low profile similar to Tumi, our favorite travel gear supplier, which we like. This helps prevent theft and standing out in the crowd, sometimes you want to blend in. The grip on the back is amazing and is easy on your fingers and does not slip. It has enough slip to slide across a desk when you need to slide your phone yet not so much that it slides right off of the table. It feels high quality and fits the new iPhone 5 perfectly. Compared to the other two cases which are $34.95 this comes in at only $29.95 providing safety and practicality at a great price.

Our Grade: 5 Stars, Classic and sophisticated, slim and practical


SmartFlex View

The SmartFlex is pretty awesome too. This case lets you pull out a little tab that is built in which keeps the phone propped up, upright in landscape mode for you to watch video, utilize your phone as an alarm clock, or simply go through a schedule much easier. You would not even know that the prop was there if you did not look closely and it keeps it very class. The case is very slim still, perhaps a little bigger than the PixelSkin HD due to the extra feature but still very easy to use in a practical sense. The prop keeps your iPhone up at a great angle that makes it quite a useful tool in your corporate arsenal!  Maybe you are on the train or in a long flight want to view some great videos from your phone… this is the PERFECT case to keep your phone reliably upright without falling on the front or back every time by trying other ways.

Our Grade: 4 Stars


SmartFlex Card

This is a must have for on the go business folk, and you party folk too. Previously I had been using the PixelSkin HD and keeping business cards in between my case and the phone. This made it very unpleasant to take the case off every time I wanted to give out a card! Now with the SmartFlex Card, I can easily store my business cards, ID, or cards for a night out on the town among other events. This allows me to shed the weight of my wallet in many cases ( pun intended ), and be ready for anything. One great thing about not bringing your wallet is that you have one less thing to check up on or lose, what a great concept. It is a little bit more bulky than the PixelSkin and SmartFlex although it provides extra protection beacause of that. The SmartFlex cases have an extra deep protective layer around the camera meaning that your hot little 8 MP camera has a higher likely hood of surviving drops that may happen. A+! The texture on this cases feels really cool and the extra protection and weight of the case helps make the iPhone 5 feel like a real phone again seeing as without the cases it feels almost too light and fragile.

Our Grade: 5 Stars, Extra protection and utility for the ultimate road warrior



…. Some joyous moments from our Speck package arrival.


Time to unravel the beautiful Speck Products



Oh Look! The magic has arrived.



We absolutely love Speck Products and recommend you buy their cases, multiple cases actually for your different uses!


Check them out directly at:


This is a sponsored post for Speck products that is endorsed by Global Tech Spot, Global Good Group, and Global Good Networks. All opinions are 100% ours, we really do love these cases and have used them extensively for practical uses and for review testing. We appreciate you sending the cases for us to make this review Speck and look forward to sharing your technological global good-ness with the entire world.

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