Staples Inc has agreed to install “Amazon Lockers” in its U.S stores says a Staples spokeswoman on Monday. Reuters reports that the largest U.S office supply retailer has teamed up with Amazon to create lockers for the online shoppers of the Amazon site. This will allow the shoppers’ packages to be sent to the office supply chain’s stores. Amazon already has storage units at grocery, convenience and drug stores, such as 7 Eleven, Rite-Aid, Safeway, and Walgreen, many of which stay open around the clock. Amazon has been slowly deploying delivery lockers around the U. S and UK over the past year or so. Inc is the world’s largest Internet retailer. Through implementing lockers, the site is trying to let customers avoid having to wait for ordered packages due to a missed delivery. Customers will be able to order purchases online and have their orders shipped to their local Staples to pick it up instead of waiting on shipment. With the service, Amazon will send customers an email with a pickup code, which is entered on a touchscreen to open the locker containing the package. Customers will have three days from the delivery date to pick up the package.

To host the lockers in the stores, the online retailer will pay a small fee. Staples did not give any further details on the service, but the collaboration will be huge and definitely did not go about without major dollar signs.

Signed, Shanika Simmons