Meteor Development Group (MDG) attracted $11,2 million investments. These funds were directed to development of the Meteor web application. MDG has already announced the first round of investment. The main investor of this round is the Andreessen Horowitz fund, Matrix Partners and some other investors.

Project experts assure that 11 million guarantees an active development of the project over the next few years. They hope that Meteor will be the best platform for the most applications and hope it could become as widespread as Java, Apache, and SQL. Developers plan to create a commercial platform based on the Meteor and named Galaxy.

What persuaded the investors?

According to Peter A. Levin, JavaScript is pretty fast becoming the most popular programming language for web development, so now Meteor is in the spotlight of the JavaScript community. Meteor is well suited for the Web development platform. We should not overlook the fact that JavaScript came out on the GitHub popularity top.

The exceptional and ambitious Meteor framework has already received 4500 subscribers to GitHub and applause from the Facebook’s co-Founder Dustin Moskovitz. So, the major venture capitalism investors paid attention to this project.

Meteor is written in the clean JavaScript. Node.js and MongoDB are used on the server. Meteor consists of the so-called ‘smart packages’. External libraries and tools are also connected to as the packets. The Coffeescipt, LESS, Backbone, JQuery packages, underscore and few popular libraries are already available.

The Meteor is based on seven postulates

  • One Language. Both the client and the server part are written in the JavaScript programming language.
  • Database Everywhere. Use the same API to access your data on both the server and the client.
  • Embrace the Ecosystem. Meteor is an open source and just integrates in; it doesn’t replace current open source tools and frameworks.
  • Simplicity Equals Productivity. Classically APIs help to make the Meteor looks really simple.
  • Data on the Wire. Pass the data and let the customer to decide how to render it. So now you don’t have to send HTML over the network.
  • Latency Compensation. Prior model uploading process and local model simulation on the client allows connecting to the database without logs.
  • Full Stack Reactivity. All layers, from database to template, make an event-driven interface available.

In other words, the Meteor is the startup for creation of new startups. Meteor investing will lead to the development of fundamentally new mass web applications. It will attract a capital and bring more dividends. Besides, a creation of the Galaxy project promises to bring a high profit to the participants of the first round.

The article was provided by Andrew Smith, PR and Marketing Manager of QArea Company.