Starting a Payday Loan Lending Website



Getting into the payday loan business can be tricky, they are very popular, and are everywhere. With the reinstate market as it is finding a location, and setting up shop can cost a small fortune and not for much gain with so many others lenders already set up around every corner. One of the best ways and cheapest is to set up a website to grow your business from first, then expand out into a physical location. A website makes sense to start from since it is cheap to create and maintain compared to a physical store front, and can give you the potential for way more visitors and use than a physical location. However before you go zipping of to make your site there are some things you need to consider first.

Rules and Regulations

No matter where you are, there will be rules and regulations you have to follow. You are a lending institution so you need to know national and local business and lending laws before you start. Even though you don’t have an actual physical location you are still subject to local region and national laws for lending. You need to make sure you always conform and follow these laws, payday loans are considered legal loan sharking, by many as it is you want to do everything in your power to show you are above board and follow all laws.


As a lending site you will not be able to lend out more than you actually have, you need to know where your lending capital is coming from and have an account that can handle the payments and transfers of money and do so as often as you need to. You can do this yourself if you have enough, but going through an affiliate may be a better start and represents less risk to you personally but requires a cut of your profits go to the affiliate. You can also get investors in your business and use the investment money as your capitol, this is similar to working with an affiliate but more temporary however, can be dictated by a time period they expect a return in. Whatever method you choose, you need to make sure you have enough money to start lending out.


You have all the legal matters in hand; have your website and accounts set up, your capitol ready to be lent out so now what? Just merely existing on the internet is enough to get people to visit your site and take out loans. The internet is beyond vast, and the same unlimited potential of it is also means you could be as equally lost in it. Taking some time to research how to advertise your site can pay off in the long run, learning how search engines rank you in searches and how you can boost yourself up the rankings, what places are most likely to get hits from your ads can all bring people from far and wide into your site that would normally miss it. Take some time to do the research and make sure your ads are well placed but not annoying so you have the greatest chance to get a hit. 

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