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Strong VPN Security on the go Internationally

Protect your iPhone and mobile device data with Strong VPN

Looking for a great way to protect yourself on the go? Strong VPN encrypts all of the data that is sent over wireless networks such as WiFi along with Cellular data on networks like 3g and 4G. They offer this service very cost effectively and have many packages to fit your exact needs.

Most importantly this service is available Internationally so that not only can you connect to a spot close by to you, you can use this service as you travel at many of their great International spots.

How can this benefit you?

> Protect your internet sessions on public transport ( bus, trains, planes )

> Secure data while using any Wifi hot spot such as coffee shops or even at a business

> Get past blockades on internet usage by ISP’s and your business


They provide services that work on nearly all smartphones and computers. Whether you are tethered in through a physical cable or over wireless you can make sure that your data is encrypted and protected. For those of you unfamiliar with encryption basically it helps to scramble your data so that people trying to intercept it other than where it is intended to go cannot do so, or at least not as easily. When you are working somewhere and connected on the internet, especially with wireless, people can see all of those conversations and transactions with the right technology setup and intercept your credit card transactions, logins, and much more.

Major corporations and government agencies require all transactions and connections to their infrastructure be done through VPN’s which stand for virtual private networks. We also recommend using one to protect yourself and Strong VPN is the way to go. Because you are sending all of your private data you want to send it through a VPN that has been around, has a lot of credibility, infrastructure support and security; perhaps most importantly, their integrity.

Smart VPN has been proven and tested worldwide and they are not going anywhere. There are some shady VPN’s out there that can sell your data or do some not so great things and to this date STRONG VPN has been GREAT!!!


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