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Honda NTT Partnership Cloud IT - Josh Bois Review

NTT’s Cloud Service Enabling Fast Global Data For Honda

When major companies like Honda decide to build out new offices and research centers on the go how do they get their data there? It seems like something that you wouldn’t really think about as much since physically building and constructing offices seems like the real hard work right? Well imagine you are are Honda and have terabytes of data that needs to be synced to different locations around the world. An age old solution may have been to physically copy the data onto some hard drives and then ship them but that doesn’t quick seem the most efficient way to share files, and is prone to security red-flags, data losses, theft, and a lot of lost time!

Recently, Honda decided to partner with NTT, to help accelerate their cloud service which ahs been a tremendous help to them. With suppliers around the world that need to utilize Honda’s most up-to-date CAD work, shipping hard drives doesn’t quite cut the mustard. Especially when you are talking about shipping them to 5000 businesses, quite a wasted cost and inefficiency. Traditionally moving data around the internet, at least in large chunks, has been quite slow and not something that the enterprise would rely on. Now that major companies like NTT offer accelerated cloud services, brands like Honda have been able to significantly cut their required budgets and download times for moving this data.

198,000 employees at Honda Motor Co, Ltd mean that they need a robust solution and that is where the power of the cloud comes in. Because NTT owns a lot of the tech infrastructure around the world, specifically the cables underground, they are able to prioritize traffic and dedicate bandwidth to their clients and this is a great purpose for it.

Honda Power of Dreams Tech Infrastructure


> Creating a globally standardized method of moving large data such as CAD

> Realizing a flexibile supplier network for businesses continuity even in emergency situations


> Utilize NTT Com’s global datacenters and expansive network

> Leverage NTT Com’s fast, secure transfer service for smoother data movement


> Shorten product development with an infrastructure for fast design data centers

> Lower total data transfer costs by 30%


Check out the video below to see some more about this deal in the form of a video! It is quite cool as it shows some of the various innovations that Honda is making and underscores their need to move these 3D CAD files around the world so people can create these innovations. Data exchange can be rough, lesson learned, use NTT and CDN’s to speed them up! Personally here, I have always been a customer of Akamai for some time but would love to work with NTT!



This article was sponsored by AOL United Kingdom on behalf of NTT and their case study about Honda.

Article Written By: Josh Bois

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