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Tales of a multi-monitor startup office

Okay maybe, you don't need to be as crazy as this guy but it is a great ideal!
Okay maybe, you don’t need to be as crazy as this guy but it is a great ideal!


Whether building out your home office or a small startup office, multi-monitor setups can increase Productivity

Okay so you have decided to move from the good ole’ single monitor life to one where you have not one but two or oh heyyy THREE  monitors, the multi-monitor life. Many people who are used to single desktop monitors or laptops may not understand exactly what you would want or need with the extra virtual desktop space and why it is necessary. Well I can tell you first hand that you will never want to go back once you start using more than one monitor. I have been using two monitors personally for the past 3-4 years and am investing currently into a third monitor.

Where to start…

The first thing you need to find out is how many monitors your current computer can handle by default. Many, and most, computers only have a slot for one monitor to fit in. I have the Dell XPS which is built for high performance and came with a slot for two monitors. However, to add a third I either need to add another video card or completely try something different. So different may actually end up being more cost effective and easy to install. How is this possible? Enter in the USB video adapter. I recently found out that you can add one or more than one extra monitors by getting a USB adapter that costs around $50 and can be found on Ebay or perhaps at your local best buy.

Some uses? Well perhaps you want to be able to write an email on one screen while you have research information pulled on the other screen. Another idea is having chat windows critical to your business such as Skype or Google talk on one screen while the other screen lets you look things up or edit business documents. Really the possibilities are endless, especially when you add a third screen not just a second.  The fact is that flat screen monitors only cost around $75-150 these days for a decent monitor and can be bought off Craigslist used for even cheaper. Sure if you want a high end HD brand new screen some of them can still cost $200+ but for your basic needs $100 will get you something great! Your team will love you for the multi-monitor office and it will make most tasks easier, especially with big screens.

The Conclusion: multi-monitor setups are not that difficult to setup or expensive and increase your productivity and your team!


We recommend looking into a USB to VGA adapter on Amazon!


Even Al Gore uses multiple monitors!

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