Targeted Landing Page Design

Increase Your Online Conversions with C4C Landing Page Development

Understand the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Channels

Measure the success of your display, search, new media and offline advertising efforts.

Direct visitors to a specific landing page depending on the marketing channel.

For example in a television commercial you could direct your users to yourwebsite.com/tvoffer, where we would have a specialized landing page. Not only does this allow us track that the user came from your television commercial, but we can then learn about that users behaviors and how effective the commercial was in relation to the final closing price that user spent on your website or if they signed up for more information, etc.


Analyze Any Marketing Channel

Measure the success of your display, search, new media and offline advertising efforts.

Measure Conversion Rates

Clearly determine how your traffic is converting at each landing page and make incremental adjustments to increase performance.

Expert Team Support

Have confidence knowing that you are not alone with your landing pages, C4C representatives are a call away and can offer insight and advice for the success of your marketing campaigns.

Integrated One Page Order Forms

Ensure that your user orders on the actual landing page and doesnt get distracted by changing pages with optional integrated shopping systems to increase your users’ experiences.

Use Your Imagination

Include different landing pages for any medium you want to advertise on, its up to you but here are some possibilities: Radio, TV, E-mails, Billboards, Flyers, Mobile Phones, virtually anywhere.

Powerful Analytics

Fine grained details, custom reporting, sales funnels, conversion tracking are just a few of the enterprise grade features available to your business.

Easy To Use Software

Point. Click. Done. – Easy to use, intuitive graphical user interfaces and control panels help to ensure you arent lost in a jungle of information just trying to get what you want.

Unique to Your Business

C4C will analyze your business objectives and goals for every landing page to ensure we keep the branding consistent with your company and plan, design, and develent highly marketable landing pages.

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